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Bishop Keith M. Thomas is the manifestation of leadership God promised His people: A pastor after the very heart of God, divinely equipped with all that is necessary to rightly declare and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Complete with an ever growing knowledge and understanding of the Word alongside great compassion for the brokenhearted, Bishop Thomas heads a ministry dedicated to celebrating God's presence, liberating the captive, restoring relationship with God, and empowering believers to boldly proclaim Christ through righteousness, discipleship, and genuine worship. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord rests on him for he has been uniquely anointed to expand the Kingdom of God.

Bishop Thomas is a third generation pastor. He was raised in the Gates of Heaven Pentecostal Church founded by his grandmother, the late Bishop Lena M. Thomas. He later served under the leadership of his father, Calvin J. Thomas, Sr., who accepted the call to pastor Beulah Tabernacle Church while Bishop Thomas was a teenager. Bishop Thomas officially accepted the call to ministry in 1982 while attending Geneva College in Beaver Falls where he subsequently received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. His compassion for the lost and disenfranchised led him to serve as Associate Chaplain for Bethanna Social Services for five years. Bishop Thomas continued to establish himself as a dynamic preacher of the Gospel during this time, bringing forth the powerful Word of God to many congregations throughout the city of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Bishop Thomas served for a brief period as Assistant Pastor of Beulah Tabernacle Church only months before the untimely passing of his father, Pastor Calvin J. Thomas, Sr. in September 1995. In November of the same year, the now Bishop Keith Thomas was installed as pastor of Beulah Tabernacle Church, where he currently presides. Bishop Thomas continues the work of his father and grandmother as Vice President of the Gates of Heaven Assembly of Churches, where Bishop Maureen L. Davis is overseer and presiding prelate.

A compassionate proponent of change in the current state of the urban community at large, Bishop Thomas championed the establishment of the Calvin J. Thomas, Sr. Family Life Center. Reflecting his great belief in Christ centered activism and social involvement, the center is dedicated to effectively uplifting the community through enrichment programs and services. His great care for the spiritual and mental health of people led him to become a certified R.E.S.T. (Rational Emotive Spiritual Therapy) Counselor. In addition, Bishop Thomas, who focuses much of his ministry to the strengthening of marriage and families, is also a certified Marriage Coach.

Bishop Keith M. Thomas has been appointed for elevation in such a time as this; when now more than ever before, a world facing spiritual ruin seeks the leadership of shepherds dedicated to making the wounded whole. He has committed his life to demonstrating Christ to the world as a carrier of the Gospel; not just as a pastor, but as a man, husband, father, counselor, neighbor, and friend. Through his ministry, countless souls have been saved and restored. Minds have been shifted, and lives have eternally been changed. The great work begun by the anointed hands of Bishop Lena M. Thomas and Pastor Calvin J. Thomas, Sr. has found a great continuation in the ministry of Bishop Keith Thomas.

Bishop Thomas along with his wife of 21 years, Minister Erica Thomas, share the blessing of two beautiful daughters, Mikaela and Avery.

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